About us

  • For 35 years now, we have been contributing in the Dental Prosthetics sector with our know-how of the latest technologies and the importance of a good team that is constantly evolving.

  • As a dental laboratory, we are referents in our sector, having a recognized prestige that we have demonstrated during all these years that we have been developing our activity.
  • Proof of this is that we collaborate with the most prestigious clinics in our community, as well as with Dentistry Faculties, in addition to cooperating in various courses for both Dentists and Prosthetics.

Work values

Integral service

We are an integral laboratory in which we perform all types of prostheses, always controlling the needs of our clients in a personalized way and having an exhaustive control from beginning to end of all the treatments that we take care of, since we do not derive or outsource the products .
To achieve this, we have a well-trained and experienced team that aims to reach the satisfaction of our customers across the range of products we offer.

Future vision

Investigation and development

We have always believed in the evolution of our work towards technology, without neglecting the care of detail and the personalization of a product such as dental prosthesis in which each case is different as the patients for whom they are made.
Keeping this vision as fundamental in our work philosophy, we are currently immersed in the Digital Flow for the elaboration of our works in a complete way, thus being able to offer in the field of prosthesis the newest digital systems available in the market.
Quality guarantee
Speed ​​in delivery
Competitive prices
3D scanning

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