Services with quality guarantee

  • Because when developing various techniques we perform all types of prostheses, controlling all of our orders.
  • Because we are currently immersed in the digital flux, fundamental today for the development of our work.
  • Because we are knowledgeable about the latest technologies and have a sophisticated equipment in constant evolution.
  • Because for 35 years we are leaders in our sector and together with our experience, we provide the quality certificate.

  • Because we always adapt to the needs of our customers and find an ideal solution for each of them.

With guarantee
With quality

If it were the first time that you placed an order, you can contact us to provide us with the billing information and provide us with information about the clinic so that we can contact you, or you can check in as client to have access to the work orders and our price list.

To be able to make a prosthesis it would be necessary to send in good conditions the impressions of the restoration or well-emptied models, together with correct bite records (it is important that the work area is well defined). Along with these elements we would have to add the work order that can be downloaded in our customer area.

If it's the first time placing an order you can contact us, we offer you a 15% discount on fixed prosthesis products.


Phone: 96 391 27 97


Adress: Visitacion Street number 6, 46009, Valencia

Direct Debit: All the work carried out during the month will be invoiced at the end of this month and will be issued by the expired month bank.


Cash on delivery: Making the payment in this way will entail expenses by the transport company. Payment will be made in cash, and the amount would be charged with the delivery of the work.


Transfer payment: If you prefer this way, once the payment of the amount has been confirmed, the shipment will be made. The name of the doctor or clinic that makes the admission must be stated in such transfers.


Account Number: IBAN ES46 0030 8356 63 0000277271



To ensure the highest quality of our work, it is recommended that these are adjusted as far as possible to optimal time periods for our organizational capacity.


Deadlines for sending to clinic:

- Teeth tests: 2 or 3 working days according to the time of collection.

- Metal tests: 3 or 4 working days according to the pick-up time.

- Ceramic, Zirconium or similar placements: 3 or 4 working days according to the pick-up time.

- Compostures and test plates: 1 or 2 working days according to the pick-up time.

- Resin finishing: 2 to 3 working days.


In those cases in which it is necessary to ask for advices to commercial houses, the sending to the clinic will vary according to the time of reception of these.

If the clinical case is complex, it is recommended to contact the laboratory for a more accurate estimated time.

Shipping in the city of Valencia and its surroundings:

To make your shipments you can call us to perform the management.

In this case, orders must be communicated at least 2 hours in advance so that the courier service can pick it up. If the shipments had to be immediate as a matter of urgency, the distribution would be paid separately.

After 6:00 pm, non urgent shipments would be made during the morning of the following day.


If you want to take care of the shipment, we won't have any problem about you managing your packages with the courier companies in the area.



Shipping outside the city of Valencia:

In case the shipments were carried out outside the city of Valencia or the neighboring towns, these would arrive from the following day.

In these circumstances, the shipments made from our facilities will be paid by our company, while those jobs sent from the clinic will be borne by the client.

For shipping's to other countries or autonomous communities, contact us to get more information.

All our products are subject to quality controls.

Our guarantee certificate ensures the quality of our products for a period of 1 year from the date of delivery, according to the established legal terms.

Faced with a defect, it is essential to inform the laboratory of wanting to make use of the guarantee, as well as to send the defective product so that the laboratory Juan Badal Manrique S.L. Verify the cause.

Our warranty coverage does not include those defects that have occurred due to negligence, beatings, or improper handling.

If the damage to the product is covered by the warranty, the repair of the product, its replacement, a rebate, or the refund of the amount will be opted for, according to the legally established terms. If the defect is proved to be cause by misuse, the repair would be billed.


Our guarantee would lose its value in the following cases:

-If previously the client has tried to repair the product without having communicated it to us.

-If a third party tried to manipulate or repair the product.

-If the patient damaged the product due to negligence.

-If there was no invoice.

 When placing an order, it will be understood that the customer accepts our guarantee conditions.