Removable prosthesis

Our removable resin prostheses are characterized by their high quality thanks to the use of:

- High impact antiallergic resins

- Duplicates of master models for greater adjustment.

- Polymerization systems with constant pressure injection.

- And highly aesthetic composite teeth for overdentures and hybrid prostheses.

We make this type of prosthesis using semi-adjustable, three-pronged articulators functionalized.

Now we also make these works from digital processes milling PMMA discs of the color of the gum on which the teeth of this same material are prepared later.

completa fresada
completa fresada2

We have been a laboratory with history in the manufacture of skeletal prosthesis. We belong to the Intenational Wironium Circle (I.W.C.) of the BEGO house (Bremer Goldslägerei Wilh, Herbst GmbH & Co.).

The high physical and mechanical qualities of Cobalt Chrome that we use allow us to make light and comfortable designs for your patients while the dynamic behavior of the structures is outstanding.

Wironium Plus. Characteristics:

Density…………………………. 8.49 / cm3

Melting interval ......................... 1310-1345ºC

Casting temperature ............... 1440ºC

Break for elongation ............... .. 10%

Tensile strength ............ ..1000 N / mm2

Elongation limit ................ 700 N / mm2

Expansion module (approx) ............ 220000 N / mm2

Hardness Vickers ..................... ... 340


Advantages: Resistance to corrosion, easy adjustment of the hooks, excellent laser welding properties.

Without abandoning our tradition in the manufacture of skeletal prosthesis, we have introduced, as in the rest of our products, the digital systems for the manufacture of these, thus increasing the quality and accuracy of our product.

Le ofrecemos estructuras confeccionadas con nuestro sistema CAD CAM,  para fresar en resina Acetálica o bien enviarla al centro Infinident  (Denstply Sirona) en Alemania en el que se realizan en Cromo cobalto mediante un sofisticado sistema de electrodeposición del metal por láser, dando unas características de ajuste y propiedades de material únicas en el mercado.

Material types

Zirlux Acetal

Ideal for partial structures or other removable non-metallic prostheses. Acetal is a semi-flexible material with tooth-like color that has good stability, low friction, low moisture absorption, and high tensile strength (61MPa), bending (90MPa) and wear.

Advantages: Comfortable, aesthetic, flexible, resistant to stress and wear.

Chrome Cobalt

Being sent to the Infinident center (Denstply Sirona) in Germany, the cobalt chrome milled skeletons possess the precision and quality associated with the milling process but without changing the skeletal materials that we have traditionally made.

Advantages: High stability and resistance to wear, greater freedom of geometry than in the cast process, as soon as it requires a subsequent manual finishing.

As with the rest of the products, we also work digitally in the preparation of the mixed prosthesis, being able to select different types of precision digital attachments with perfect fit and integration.

This type of prosthesis consists of a fixed part that would be made using milled crowns, and a removable part of cobalt chrome anchored to the attachments.

When the number of implants or the conditions of the patient do not allow for a fixed prosthesis, there is also the possibility of making the removable prosthesis in the form of a resin or composite overdenture on a screwed structure or bars of different anchors.

The structures can be made with milled metals (Titanium grade 5), pre-sintered metals (Cobalt Chrome), or PEEK milled.

Material types

Grade 5 Titanium

Biocompatible at 100%, this is a resistant material that gives great accuracy in the connections of the implants.

Advantages: Great biocompatibility, very good connection accuracy, optimal resistance for coating materials.


Chrome Cobalt

With greater ease of preparation to be able to be done in a presinterized way, this material manages to maintain an excellent fit in its connections thanks to the type of confection.

Advantages: Excellent fit


With a 100% biocompatibility and chemical resistance or bacterial plaque formation, the PEEK has an elasticity similar to natural bone that allows reducing the stress loads it supports.

Advantages: Great biocompatibility, resistant to the formation of bacterial plaque, elasticity similar to bone.